Sonal Varshney (Batch:1993)

I feel that the aim of my college education was to convert our mind into a living fountain, and not a reservoir. That which is filled by merely pumping in, will be emptied by pumping out, while a living fountain always recycles its resources.

Poonam Shrivastava (Batch:1993)

Being Working in Pharmaceutical company for around 14 years, I have not come across any other university which exposes their students as per the needs of industries. Syllabus design, imparting training through seminars, exposure on various analytical equipment’s time to time industrial training etc. are various factors which has helped in shaping my career in this field. Apart from providing complete knowledge on subject related area, this college also emphasizes on personality development of students which makes them self-dependent and confident.

Anita Makhijani (Batch:1993)

This institute encourages its students to take responsibility for their actions and to behave towards other with consideration and respect. Here are few lines about my journey after college since1991.I am an alumni of the first batch ,1992 Food Technology, Rajguru College of Applied Sciences. I extend my gratitude towards Principal and other faculty members who gave me an insight into new technologies and opportunities which helped me to realize my potential. The faculty members of this esteemed institute encourage students to believe in themselves, are supportive, never allow others to be little than their dreams and ambitions.

Navjyot Kaur (Batch:1994)

After completing my BASc (Instru) I did AMIETE. I completed it in a record time of two and a half year and topped in India and 6 other countries (i.e. All the centres of IETE). The credit goes to God Almighty, my Parents and the FACULTY OF CAPS who taught me how to study, work hard and face challenges. Thanks to faculty for being so painstaking that I try to follow ur steps in teaching my students.

Deepa Verma(Batch:1996)

College apart from imparting the technical know-how also, helped in developing Self-Confidence through various Interaction Programmes with eminent people in the Industry; via Seminars and Guest Lectures etc. Principal Madam herself is a living example of a Hardworking and committed person and her values percolate down to the students making them sincere and sought after employees wherever they work. Technical capability accompanied by strong values go a long way towards making students successful in their various endeavours.

Shipra (Batch:1997)

The training and teachings imparted in our college inculcates in a student “persistence”, “professionalism” and “readiness to take up challenges”. These characteristics have taken me all the way in my career. I feel proud to be associate with CAPS.

Nazish (Batch:1997)

“ The unique curriculum gave me opportunity to get exposed to various subjects which I could not have got otherwise. This exposure helped me be open to new things and gain from that insight.”

Mallika (Batch:2000)

Learning can be fun. Mugging up lessons or going through lecturers in conventional classrooms may not help much. Chatting up with friends or teachers in the campus could be equally enriching. That is what my college has taught me. And sincerely miss every detail of my alma matter. Looking back I take immense pride in the values instilled in us by the college, which encouraged students to strike the right balance between glorious tradition and modern sensibilities.

Priyanka Naveen (Batch:2000)

“RACPS stands a very important place in my life. The college was a window to the big and real world outside. It has nurtured my life not only academically, but personally too.”

Shalini Gaur (Batch:2000)

It is said that strength of a buildings rests on its base and the same holds true for my career too. My foundations were laid and nourished in the Rajguru College of Applied Sciences, Delhi. The encouraging teachers with their fine balance of discipline and love nurtured and fired our quest for knowledge ,mastery in our specialization and above all instilling confidence in our personality .The gorls were taught to be self –reliant and given the direction to dream and realize them through sheer hard work and determination .The work done by our teachers and especially our guiding force and inspiration our principal Dr.S. Lakshmi Devi who despite having achieved many milestones showed a hunger for knowledge not only in her own field but also in other areas of science showed us what being a student in life means.

Ekta (Batch:2001)

“ It is not so very important for a person to learn facts. For that he does not really need a collage. He can learn them from books. College is not learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks.”And may college RCAPS has nurture me, which helped me in my personal as well as in my professional growth. Be it in terms of our mentor, our working place(LAB and study rooms) or our RCAPS culture.

Remya (Batch:2002)

If you believe in mixing business with pleasure then RCAPS is the place to be. When one leaves school, he/she is looking forward to the college years of freedom and fun , a gateway from strict regime of school. So like every other fresher this is how I pictured my college days to be.RCAPS(as it was then called) was my parents dream come true as it coupled a professional degree in a school like atmosphere along with the fact that it was a girls college.

Nidhi Bharadwaj (Batch:2003)

When I joined SRCAPS I was under the same dilemma that every student have prior to joining , but if you want to build a career this is a place to be. The College prepared me to take up the challenge of modern food industries as the curriculum is wide giving from the basic to the advance knowledge of the subject.

Vandana Sohila (Batch:2003)

I really feel proud that I had studied there and because of the strong foundation of concepts and fundamentals of food technology taught by our erudite and esteemed faculty I’m serving the jawans and defence personnel’s of our country. Today I’m doing great and gaining the appreciation of my seniors as well as tackling the hurdles of research work here in this organization and I m really thankful to each and every individual of our college for helping me in building up my career.

Neha Bansal (Batch:2004)

The confidence developed during our graduation period has helped us to leave a mark in our organization which has further resulted in valuable appraisals in short tenure of our job.

Meenakshi (Batch:2004)

The college has definitely contributed in my overall development… because I was exposed to all kinds of training… be it theoretically or practically. The faculty provided to us… were experts in their fields. The industrial training was of immense help… as it gave more confidence in implementing the knowledge, we were learning during the course. And the presentations… every week.. were of great help… as it gave us an opportunity to interact with experts in the industry. Also, the NPD, gave us an opportunity to build innovative skills… n try new things!! I felt a completely different person after passing from this college.. cleared MBA in Agri Business from Symbiosis.. n m placed in ICICI bank as an assistant manager with a package being offered of 6.1L per annum! I could not have asked for more… I feel great… because my parents are proud of me!!Thanks to RCAPS!!:)

Kirti Pathak (Batch:2006)

Its an integrated institution of love, care and knowledge. The college has very good infrastructure. Laboratories are very well equipped with instruments and devices. Most important is the helping and friendly nature of Principal Madam and all faculty members. Student can ask for any kind of help any time. They are very particular about their classes. Everything here is so well managed and clear leaving no space for chaos in the college. I don’t think one can get college better than our RCAPS…. Being in this college is like being in your own family… MISS YOU RCAPS…

Monica Gupta (Batch:2006)

About the College:- The aim of Rajguru college has been to foster the development of its student to their optimal level. It prepares the teachers and students to make the educational process a never ending quest for learning where each individual is regarded as a special and separate entity. It offers career oriented courses thus making us extremely competitive in our future endeavours.During the three years of my stay at college, I have learnt a lot –learnt from my teachers (who are sincere, hardworking and always forgiving), learnt from my friends (cheerful and helpful) , learnt from the books (informative but boring) and sometimes from my own mistakes (too many to mention) and experiences (during internship).

Vaishali (Batch:2007)

In three years of Graduation I gained a lot of practical knowledge , which increased confidence in me and my capabilities were identified and qualities of punctuality discipline and hard work were encouraged in my personality .I am thankful to teaching staff and administration of college for their cooperation and positive attitude.