There is purpose designed by God for every person. Every stage in our life is a fulfillment of that purpose. Our choices and decisions either draw us closer to that purpose or pull us away. Family, friends and educational institutions are the motivational force, enabling us to achieve this purpose. Scripture compares our life to a tree. A good tree is one that bears good fruit, beneficial to all. True nourishment for a tree comes from its rootsThe deeper the roots are, the tree lives longer. The fruition of the tree also depends on the nourishment received from its roots.

“When the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind.” – Chinese Proverb.

The more rooted we are in our faith, relationships, values, etc., the stronger we grow in life. In fact our family and alma mater are the fertile fields which act as the scaffolding to help us realize our dreams. College has been a fertile ground for you to grow and realize your dreams. The strides made by our college, the accolades received, and its illustrious journey in the future, are possible due to the dynamic students. Every student who has walked into this portal of learning has left an indelible mark in its history by her attitude, commitment for social development and holistic excellence. The alumni of our college are the strong force in building our nation. Your alma mater is proud of you. Alumni could greatly contribute to the welfare of the SRCASW through constant communication and periodic update of the work done by them. I understand the importance of not only maintaining contact with other alumni and strong links but also the benefits that come with being part of such a association. I hope you’ll find SRCASW Alumni Association a valuable resource and support tool throughout your professional life and beyond, and enjoy the benefits that come with being part of SRCASW global community..