My Dear Friends,

Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences connects all of us in one single thread. We all have crossed the same path. Wherever we are today we still have our roots and our foundations instilled in the vicinity of our college which we fondly remember as “SRCAPS” or “RCAPS”. The name of our college, names of our teachers keep coming in our day to day conversations in so many instances as this place and these invaluable people have given us the most treasured memories of our lives. To celebrate these sweet and sour memories of this wonderful place we are ought to meet every year to relive those precious moments that we once created while we were stepping out of our homes daily to come to Our College.

Alumni Council is our collective effort towards reuniting with the place where we belong. It gives me a sense of patriotism towards the place that has once nurtured me personally as well as professionally. Somewhere it is all of our responsibility to give back as much as we can in whatever form we can to this place where we are an integral part of!!

Hope to see, meet, and explore a lot more of us in the 2018 Alumni Meet of Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences.

Best Wishes

Richa Bharti

FST (2008-2011)